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A Handmade Mother’s Day Card

It must be difficult for my husband and my girls and my friends when it comes to giving me a card.  I think they feel paranoid, like I am judging them.  Wrong!

I was so touched on Mother’s Day when I saw my husband’s card on the kitchen table.  He made it!  Take a look at his talent…

1)  He grabbed a piece of cardstock (luckily, he chose Pumpkin Pie,
which is a color that I don’t use very often.  He used a FULL sheet of
cardstock to make ONE card…yikes!)

2)  He folded it in half (well, sort of.  I am trying not to break out into hives by the crooked, un-scored fold.)

3)  He grabbed a permanent marker and wrote a fabulous sentiment.  (greeting on the front, and beautiful words on the inside.)

Cute, huh?