Give a Scrapbook as a Parting Gift

My girls were lucky enough to attend BAK
Middle School of the Arts.  Tonight is going to be very sad for us
because it will be our very last band concert.  Adrienne attended the
school for three years.  When Adrienne moved on to high school, Erica
began her middle school years at BAK, and now her three years are coming to an end next week. 

Both girls
attended the band program at the school.  Let me just say that they both
began playing instruments in elementary school so that they would be
able to attend BAK; they didn’t attend BAK
because they played instruments.  Make sense?  Luckily for us, they
both love, love, love their instruments, but in the beginning, their
instrument-playing was just a means to an end.

So, the
question was, what in the world do we give their band teacher?  The guy
who has everything?  And by having everything I mean not only does he
have a job that he loves, but he also has a wife that he adores and two
little girls who make his eyes twinkle at the mention of their names.

decided to make him an accordion scrapbook.  It’s a great way to
include some memorable photos without going overboard with a full-blown
scrapbook.  I actually purchased an accordion scrapbook that was already
made, and I added some decorative paper to the cover to make the book
look masculine.  (I would normally make my own, but I ran out of time. 
Imagine that!)  So, add to my “to do” list a tutorial on how to make an
accordion scrapbook.

Here is the
final result.  Enjoy!  I’m off to buy out the supply of tissues from the
grocery store.  After tonight’s concert, I have a feeling I’m going to
need them! 

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