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Make a Deluxe Candy Wrapper Box: Template & Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to make a huge candy wrapper box for a long time! 
It has always been a challenge for me to figure out how to make the ends
of the boxes do that cute fold-and-pop thing that makes the box looks
so cute.  Alas, I decided to just buy a box of Ghirardelli peppermint
stick chocolates, take the box apart, and copy it.

You’re in luck, because I made a template of the box for you, too!  Download it HERE.

The box is large enough to fit about a dozen chocolates.  (I’m sure
you could hide a diamond ring inside there, too.)  It makes a great
Valentine’s Day gift.  You can put a gift card inside, too.  Teachers
would love to find one on their desk for Valentine’s Day, don’t you

Do you like the cool “Wonderful You” roses embellishment that I added to the box?


This is what you should end up with when you trace the template onto your cardstock:

Here are some tips to help when you assemble the box: