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Gather These Supplies to Make a Doll-Sized Patio Table

Next week we’ll get started on making this cute table! 

 Supplies for Patio Table:

1) 12” x 12” piece of ½”- thick foam board 

2) #13 knitting needle

4-7/8” half-ball of florist’s foam (or something to stick the knitting
needle into in case you make the hole too big in the shaker box; if you
are careful when you make the hole, you might not need this)

4) 2 sizes of round dishes for tracing; one with a 10” diameter, the other with a 12” diameter

5) 6” tall x 5” round shaker box with lid

6) this is the UPC code for the shaker box so you know the correct size to buy

7) utility knife

8)  mod podge

***you’ll also need an assortment of 12” x 12” decorative paper*** 


 Supplies for umbrella:


 Tutorial Coming Monday!!

(I realize
it might be difficult to obtain the Sizzix machine and Sizzix pennant
die.  Send me an email and I can help you with the pennant pieces.