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Make an Inspirational Necklace

I heard a saying by a friend of mine awhile ago that went something
like this, “What is meant for ye shall not pass ye by.”  Ever since I
heard it, I repeated it again and again to my daughters.  It is a
fabulous way to look at life.

It is a saying that I want them to always remember.

I decided to make something for them for Christmas that would
incorporate the saying.  I wanted to make something for them that they
could glance at whenever they needed to remind themselves that whatever
is meant for them will not pass them by.

I changed the wording a little bit and I also added this to the back:

I printed the saying onto lightweight paper and used a sponge and some ink around the edges to give it a vintage feel.

Of course I don’t expect my girls to wear them as necklaces.  I told
them to just hang them by their bed and look at them every morning and
every night.

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