Crafty Paper Dresses

I was recently asked to judge
a local version of “Project Runway.”  All I needed to do was show up.  I
didn’t know anything about the logistics of the competition.  I was
pleasantly surprised when I showed up and learned that the participants
were going to be working as teams on their challenges.  I was even more
thrilled when I learned that they had to make their creations out of
newspaper and tape. 

That’s all they could use.

The goal was for the girls to
make modest outfits.  After they were divided into teams and sent off
to start their tasks, they were thrown a curve ball:  they needed to add
a modest bathing suit design to their creations.

I was so impressed with the
creations!  I wished I could have turned all of the outfits into real
dresses right then and there…I would have bought them all!

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring
my camera.  Darn!  Here are a couple of shots from an I-phone.  I think
you can get a good idea of how fun the event was, and how much can be
created with paper.

I like all of the thought that went into this dress.  The skirt, the sleeves, the necklace, and the hair bow…a complete look!

Check out this adorable bathing suit!  My favorite part is the bathing cap.  How cute!


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