subscription greeting card boxes


I’ve been creating things
with paper for over eight years.  I wish I had some of the first things I
made. I didn’t make this card, but I’ve had it for several years.  My
friend Jen made it as an invitation for her niece’s birthday.  I call
this card  my “step-it-up” card.  When I saw it, I knew I needed to
expand  my creativity beyond just stamping an image directly onto
cardstock, adding some glitter, and thinking I was fabulous.

You can “step-up” your
creations by adding simple embellishments.  I love how Jen added small
beads to the ends of the twine.  Nice touch!


To make the tie, first thread the twine through the button holes, leaving two long tails hanging.

Keeping the two hanging tails together, wrap them around the back of the card.


Now wrap the tails around the button.  You’re done!