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Use Up Your Scraps

Oh, no!  I have discovered another way to create that I am now obsessed with!  Look out!

I have some chipboard pieces that don’t quite fit in my chipboard
storage drawer.  They are too long and as a result, they stick out and I
am always bumping into them.  Last night I finally had enough! 

I grabbed one, because honestly I have no idea why I am saving
them and not putting them to good use, and this is what I made.  I want
to call it “Vintage Scraps.”  It kind of has a vintage feel to it, and
all I did was cover the chipboard in some decorative paper and then
without any pre-planning, I just started gluing down all kinds of scraps
that I could find on my desk and in my drawers.  I gathered up small
pieces of ribbon that I was saving (again, I don’t know why I was saving it,) some buttons, some little flowers I had stamped and were left-over from another project…all kinds of stuff.

See that big pink flower?  That has been in my drawer for a long time.  I’m glad I finally found a home for it.

I hope you like this, because I think I am going to make a TON of these with different themes.  It was so much fun.  Plus, my girls were really impressed.  And we all know how impossible it is to impress teenage girls.  😉