My First Attempt at Digital Scrapbooking

I realized that I needed to make a scrapbook to send to my
mother-in-law in Canada for Christmas.  (How did December get here so

Whenever we ship anything to Canada other than a card, the shipping always turns out to take forever.

Even though I am a fan of traditional scrapbooking (I love the
embellishments, and I enjoy the warmth of actual photos instead of
printed images) I knew in this case, since time was of the essence, I
needed to make a digital scrapbook.

I was really surprised at how easy it was.  I used the pre-designed
pages that are a part of Stampin’ Up’s “My Digital Studio.”  Once I got
the hang of it, the process was a breeze!

Even though my first choice would have been to print the pages at
home, add embellishments, and put the pages in a lovely scrapbook,
in this case I chose to submit the project to an online printer that
would not only be able to print the book, but also would be able to ship
the book directly to Canada.  I did not have time for the book to be
printed, shipped to me, and then turn around and have to ship it to her.

Here are a few sample pages.  The book is titled, “Through the
Years,” which is why some of the photos are from five years ago.  It
made me so sad to see how little my babies used to be!

(And yes, that really is Donny Osmond singing to me and my husband!  More details on that later!)

Yes, it was fun, but I still love the old-fashioned way!

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