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Halloween Book Report

I love that I have become the friendly neighborhood
craft store.  At least once a week a neighbor calls or stops by in
search of some cardstock, a punch, some ribbon…you name it!  The thing
I love the most is helping the neighborhood kids with ideas for their
school projects. 

I love the challenge. 

Samantha, a fourth-grader, had to come up with a scary
house for a book report on a mystery book.  (Yes, she was allowed to
have help!) 

Here is what I came up with: 

The windows open to reveal the different parts of the book report, i.e. the title, plot, summary, etc. 

The bellies of the the ghost and the bat even open to reveal some info!

You can easily use this for a Halloween decoration in your home. 

You can post clues behind the windows,

you can use it as a countdown to Halloween calendar,

a chore chart for October…

the possibilities are endless!!!!